Friday, December 20, 2013

Plated 12/18/2013 Delivery

Yeah!!!  I finally got a chance to cook my Plated meals today.  I've been wanting to try them and the other week there was a coupon so I jumped at the chance.  However due to lack of thought and planning on my part I ended up cooking both meals today.  That's is ok though since they did get eaten and it was so much fun.

I love their boxes and everything was delivered to me on Wednesday which is the delivery date for me here in NC. Plated had everything in my insulated box packing materials and I had no issues with it when I went though it all.  Not much to see from my first look but I was still really excited.

Nissan's Soy Ginger Salmon Burgers with Parsley-Garlic Chips - This was M and my favorite of our two meals.  I've never had a Salmon burger before and when I first ordered I assumed it would just be a piece of salmon but nope I had to dice it up and mix it with stuff almost like making a regular hamburger.  I'm keeping this flyer since it is something we both said we would eat again.

The ingredients. I will say it looks like a lot but nothing was too hard to deal with. Some dicing and mincing and dumping so not too bad.

My final plate. I do think I did a pretty good job if I say so myself ;)

Seared Flank Steak with Escarole and Marcona Almond Salad - I will say this is the one that had me try this week when I saw Plated was offering it.  We do things like this at our house a lot and I knew we would like it. With that being said while it was good it was something that I do already cook here so M said we should try things we wouldn't normally make next time.

I had no idea what some of the items in this box were. I'd never heard of sunchokes or the cheese but again nothing was hard to deal with and Plated tells you whether you should dice, dump or mince.

My finished plate.  They had said to cook the meat medium rare but I can not eat my meat that red so I cooked it and then sliced it and dropped it back in the pan ;)  Still really juicy but not mooing at me.  I can't do the mooing. LOL

Overall I'm very happy with my Plated meals.  They have a limited menu next week with it being Christmas so I'm skipping it but I do plan to order again in the future.  If you want to sign up or just check out what Plated is all about take a look here (Plated) to try 2 plates for free.  You will get 4 plates for the price of 2 ($30)!!!

Do you get Plated already? Did you get this week which ones did you do?  What have been some of your favorite meals from them so far?

Happy eating,

disclaimer: My referral link is all over the post about. I will get credits for free meals if you try them out through one of my links. Thanks in advance.


  1. This was my third Plated box, and we are absolutely thrilled with everything we've gotten. We were a big fan of the salmon burgers too!

  2. Very interesting!!!! Might have to try this after Christmas!!!!

  3. I never knew this existed. I was looking at the website and I don't care for Salmon. I have tried it several different times and at a restaurant. I will have to give this one some considerable thought before I buy. But thanks for sharing it. Now I know there are options.


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