Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Morning Musings 12/16/2013

Ugh another Monday ;) However this is a good one since its the last week of school for N until Jan 23rd so we will have a little bit of time that we can sleep in.  Well he can sleep in and I'll be up with C but it all works.  We also have Christmas coming and our trip to Disney World.  All great fun to be had.

This weekend like all weekends in December seemed to be pretty busy.  Friday my sister was here and we went to do some shopping. Well she had to get a new phone since hers was croaking and C and I hung out in the car after screaming our way around Best Buy. LOL  I'm pretty sure C had more fun in the car.

It was also Ms birthday and like I mentioned last week we didn't do anything over exciting. We had thought of going out to see lights but then we looked it up and the place we were going to go was a hayride and uhm it was really cold so we bailed.  He and the boys finished the outside decorating and decided we needed another blowup so we went out to Home Depot and then to Kohls for a small tree.  Fun fun fun.

Saturday morning we had breakfast with Santa and California Pizza Kitchen.  If you have one near you you should check it out. Ours does the Easter Bunny and Christmas and they make breakfast pizzas and he walks around.  N loved it and C is already over Santa so he wouldn't get too close.

Saturday night was our first Christmas Celebration with Ms brother and his family.   The kids had a blast and we also had a little birthday party for M with them.

Sunday we spent the day at home with the boys creaking havoc and me crafting away.  I'm meeting my friends on Wednesday for some Melting Pot fun and I needed to finish up their gifts. However while working on them I decided to modify a bit so C and I will have to do some shopping today. I'm sure he is as excited as I am. LOL

Lets see what else does this week hold. C has his Christmas program tomorrow and is supposed to be singing a couple songs. I can't wait to see that.  The 2 yr old classes are always so cute when they get up there.  N has normal last week of school stuff and then he is building a gingerbread house to go along with his 2D/3D modeling lessons. Yes you read they right they are learning 2D/3D shapes in his second quarter of kindergarten.  Wow just Wow is all I can say about what all they are doing.  Heading to my families this weekend to celebrate Christmas and then we are home until our trip to Disney.

No clue what all I'm getting this week with the mail service. I should be getting a Sweet Pea Box, Stampin' Up My Paper Pumpkin, and possible my Wantable Makeup Box this week but you never know how things are going to go.  Oh and my huge Stampin' Up order from last week is scheduled to be delivered today.  I'm beyond excited for that.

So what is your week looking like? Did you have a crazy busy weekend? Are you ready for the holidays?
Have a great week,

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  1. When Kyle interned at the preschool campus- (ages 3-6) he had to do a lesson. HIs lesson was 2d and 3d. He showed the kids how to do them with marshmellows and toothpicks! The kids loved it!! He kept the shapes for them simple but then let them really get wild and create their own shapes and forms! Big hit!!!


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