Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Phone Dump

Late but still linking up for Friday Phone Dump with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

It has been feeling a bit like spring is coming lately and the trees are starting to leave.  I can't wait for full fledged spring.

 Peek a Boo - with all the nice weather we played outside today. C kept asking if I could see him.
We also used some bubbles. He was running with the wand and then just blowing the air. Very cute and he did make bubbles so he was happy.

My silly boy this morning. He was all on my lap and wanted to take pictures but then he didn't want me in it with him.

And yesterday same picture but in a different outfit. He was buck naked as he would say and just needed some mommy time so he sat on my lap most of the day. We read lots of books and watched some shows.

So that was my week.  Not a ton of pictures but fun ones with my C man.  I really need to start taking some more pictures of N but when he is in school I do not get as many pictures of him.

Have a great weekend!!!

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