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Carnival Breeze Cruise March 2014

Here it is my long awaited cruise post. :)  See I promised that it would be up before my next cruise. LOL I have a couple days before that one so I think I'm good. So get ready for a picture heavy post with all the fun and excitement that I had on my Carnival Breeze Cruise in March 2014 with my mom and sister.

Our cruise left from Miami. We flew in the night before so we could get on the ship bright an early. My mom and sister are platinum level on Carnival cruises so we get priority check in and boarding and were on the ship about 11:30am. Our first stop was up to the food court area. This is such a nice area on this ship and my first choice was the Mongolian Wok. This is one of the services that usually has a line on all the ships I've been on. Its really good but since they make it as you are there it just takes a few more minutes then a regular buffet does.  Of course once we ate and went walking around I got my first drink of the day and my cruise had officially begun.

So lets keep the food theme going and head right into some of the other quick service meal choices.  My sisters favorite part is the 24hr pizza.  Yeap you heard me you can get pizza 24hrs a day on a cruise and it is really good. New to me on this ship was the Guy Fieri's burger joint. Oh my was this so good.  They actually  make the patties there and then grill them up for you and they have some preset choices but they also have a fixin's bar so you can add whatever you like there.  That is what I did and I really could have eaten one of these everyday.  I didn't take any pictures of it but they also had a burrito/taco bar, a deli, a hotdog stand, a c-side BBQ, and I'm sure some I'm forgetting open at different times through the day. All of these are included with your cruise fare and we tried out a bunch of them this trip.  The BBQ was new to us this ship and it was fun to see them doing a pickin' on the side of the boat.  It was also delicious.

Oh lets just keep up the food theme. :) Since really isn't this why you go on a cruise?  We ate in the dining room most nights but we did try out the two signature dining options.  For signature dining you need to make a reservation and they charge a flat fee per person. The Carnival Breeze has a steakhouse and an italian restaurant.  They were both awesome however I feel like after the steakhouse I was full for days. I think that is what happens when you  get an 18oz ribeye and then a dessert that is as huge as the cheesecake my sister got.  I will say we managed to make a pretty good dent in all of our food.  The italian was also really good and a huge portion and while I thought I had pictures of that I must not have. Oh well take my word on it and enjoy all the yumminess.

OK moving on now. I  loved the color scheme of this ship. The grand atrium was very subtle and pretty.  We got a great special on the cruise we took and paid for a lower level balcony but got bumped up to the 10th floor. That is the same floor as the pool and activities. I've never stayed that high before and it was so convenient.  We could easily go out for drinks and ice cream or whatever we wanted.  Since there were three of us in our room the small couch converted into another bed.  My sister said it was really comfy since that was her bed.

You want to have some fun on the ship? Look no farther then the pool deck.  The Carnival Breeze had a huge waterpark area with two big slides.  My sister loves what we call the toilet bowl slides so she was happy they had a version on this ship.  Just an fyi for if you are cruising the waterparks are usually less crowded on port days so if you aren't spending all day out in port try hitting up the waterpark. We managed to walk right up to the slides with very little wait but on sea days when all the people are on deck there can be a bit of a line.  One of the other things this ship had was a ropes course. Yes you heard me a ropes course.  We did not venture up onto it but we saw people on their the whole week and they all looked to be having fun.

This cruise we stopped in Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. We really didn't want to have any plans so we didn't do any excursions at the ports just got off a bit and walked around and then got back on.  These pictures are Jamaica.  My first time there and we docked in Montego Bay which really didn't have alot to do right off the ship without an excursion so we weren't out long so we spent the rest of the day doing what my sister is in the picture sitting by the pool reading books.  I think I mentioned when I got back but I was able to read three whole adult books on this cruise. I was beyond excited to read them and all were really really good. :)

I'm just going to say Grand Cayman is beautiful.  I've been before but its been awhile. You have to tender into port here so that means the cruise ship parks our a ways and you take a smaller boat to shore.  It wasn't too bad and they had everything very organized and ready to go.  On our way back from shopping we stopped in Margaritaville and had some snacks and drinks and of course used the free wireless to check in at home :)

Last stop was Cozumel and as was the problem the last time I was there it was a very dreary and overcast day with some rain. At one point it started pouring and the poor people were drenched coming back to the ship.  We luckily got off early and went into town to get out tequila and then headed back so we only got drizzled on. We spent some time once we got back reading on the balcony.  I really do love a balcony and being able to sit out there and just enjoy the day.

Well that brings me to the end of  my post.  This was my view for a good portion of the trip and then my sister and I once we flew back into Clt.

So who is ready to take a cruise?  I have another one coming up this week with a group of my girlfriends and I can't wait. You can send me a message over on the right or check out  my facebook page Jenny @ Love The Mouse Travel.

So tell me what are your upcoming vacation plans? My boys are already talking about taking a Disney Cruise during one of our next track outs. :)


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