Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Citrus Lane April 2014 Box

I was very surprised to see my Citrus Lane on the porch when we got home yesterday. Originally it said it was going to be delivered on Saturday and then it said Tuesday so when it came on Monday I was surprised. I of course had looked at the spoilers so I was pretty sure what was coming but I still love getting my hands on it.

I still love a first glance when I can't really see what is in the box. I love when they take the time to wrap it up and make everything look so perfect like they actually took the time with it instead of just tossing it all in the box.  I have C aged up a little bit so that we hopefully get toys that he can move into. So this month he got a box for a 41 month old. Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box service that is geared for kids age 0-5 and is $29 a month however that price can go down when you buy a longer subscription

And now for what you are waiting for. The goodies:

  • Prince's Bedtime Book and CD set from Barefoot Books - We haven't read this book yet since the boys were so tired yesterday they just went to bed. :) but N starts back to school tomorrow so we will be reading this tonight. We have liked our other Barefoot books and I am sure we will like this one too.
  • Lemon Verbena Dish Soap from Mrs. Meyers Clean Dry - This smells good and I will add it to my stash of samples. I'm not sure I will be buying dish soap anytime soon as I keep getting samples. :)
  • Tools& Things from Green Toys - This is really cute and a set made exclusively for Citrus Lane.  I do like this but we have so many tool pieces here I may see about trading this for something that came in one of the other boxes that we might use more.
  • Set of 2 Tumblers from Green Toys - We love Green Toys dishes here and actually have never had the tumblers.  C is all about what cup he uses and since we got orange which is a favorite color of his and he has already claimed these as his.
  • Greeting Card Offer from Treat - I've used Treat cards before so we will make a card for some one with this one too.
What do you think? I will say not my favorite box from them but C seems to like it and that is what is important since it is a box for him. If you click through my link to check it out or sign up for Citrus Lane  you will get 50% off your first box and I get credits for the Citrus Lane  store therefore a win-win for us both.

Did you get a box this month? What did you think about it?


disclaimer: those are referral links above and as I said I get store credits if you decide to join up through me.

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