Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What I Love Wednesday

Here is what I'm loving right now.

The Weather!!!  It was beautiful and almost 80° yesterday and it will be just over that today. While that might seem warm there is very low humidity so it makes for a great day.

N and cornhole.  The kid is obsessed. I'm pretty sure that is one of the main reasons he likes going to PDQ. He gets really excited when the weather is nice enough and they have them out front.

image credit: Disney Parks Blog

All of the pictures coming out of the Magic Kingdom with the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coaster. As a coaster and a Disney freak I can't wait to get back there and give it a ride.

TJ-Maxx - While I've always loved browsing around there my love has really come in full circle lately.  I wasn't able to find the washi love that some others have lately but I did go in the other day and grabbed some Lucky jeans and Seven capris and they both fit perfectly right away.  I'm not sure that has happened lately at all and then for the price I couldn't be happier.

Oh WOW I had said in my So What post today that I was back into General Hospital and after that I started watching yesterdays episode.  All I can say is sit was so AWESOME. Spoilers ahead :) AJ passed away which is no big loss but it was a catalyst for some great flashbacks from the black & white opening with the remembrance wall to Emily being on and Sonny with all the Carly flashbacks.  Oh my it was so great and I loved it. I will admit I was crying at the end.  For a character that I was not fond of it was a great send off for one that has been a staple on the show on and off.

Well since I'm still a little worked up which is a good thing since I love when  a show can touch you so much that you do get worked up I'm going to sign off since this is a What I Love post and things should be happy :)

What are you loving today?

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