Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Whatever Wednesday

I just wasn't feeling any of my normal Wednesday posts this morning and then my laptop crapped out and my touchpad isn't working so I've had to resort to using an actual mouse. LOL C wanted to know what it was when he saw me using it. I guess that is one of the things little kids aren't really going to remember much of as they get older.

So why am I calling this Whatever Wednesday? I've just got random things to talk about so I'm going to put it here and you will just have to jump around my brain dump with me :)

I've been recording this show all season and I had watched last season and really liked it so I figured I'd get around to it. Well yesterday was the day and lets say I'm having a little binge viewing and I've gone through 7 episodes already. :) I like this season just as much but I do think this show does well by binge viewing.  Its very serialized so watching in chunks it very helpful.

Oh Tori Spelling I just can't stop watching you. I have always loved her and I've watched all of her shows, bought her kids clothes, read her books etc so when I saw that she had a new show True Tori I knew I had to turn in. Last night when I should have been in bed I started watching the first episode and was like WOW I feel so bad for her. I honestly can't say that I know what she is going through and I know that it has to be really hard but it is so addictive. I of course had seen the news and knew what was going on with Dean's cheating but listening to their therapy session and her saying that she has felt bamboozled since a couple months into their marriage is just so sad to me. I'm really hoping that they can figure out what is going on and whether she gives him another chance or not she has to be the one to decide that.  I just know that I will glued to the tv watching the train wreck.

Free shipping this week and I haven't placed my order yet. I need to get on that tomorrow!!! If you are still interested you can see my post on this HERE.

I haven't made it to Target yet to check out the Easter clearance. That will be rectified tomorrow once I drop C off at preschool.  I then have almost 3 hours before I have to pick him up and there will be Target clearance shopping and then a trip to the mall to use my Gymbucks.  Not sure what I want there yet but I'm sure the boys need some newness for the spring.

A picture I took this evening to send to my dad.  He gave me this tree when he got it as a free tree when he placed an order. Lets just say it was a tiny little stick in ground and it is now taller then C.  We actually planted it just after C was born so I'm hoping to watch how it grows with him. I'm just really glad that we have managed to keep it from dying the last couple of years. :)

So see I told you that my head was kindof jumping around tonight.  I hope you enjoyed the ride!!!

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