Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Phone Dump

Linking up for some Friday Phone Dump with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom. :) 

My boys love PDQ. I'm not sure if they love the chicken, the milkshakes or the cornhole best.  they love when the cornhole is set up outside.

The weather this week was awesome.  We went outside alot. C has really gotten into trying to really swing. We're working on it.  Somehow even with 3 swings N still wants to be on the same one with C. LOL they were having tons of fun sharing.

Since a Friday Phone Dump wouldn't be complete without a naked C picture. :) This was how he went on one day.I swear he had pants on when we headed outside but he stripped down when the edges got damp. LOL  Of course we headed to the park yesterday and C was finally able to get up the rock wall all by himself. He was so proud.

And now for the weekly Oh C pictures. Kali was sitting on my lap all happy until C came over of course was holding her tail.  She was not overly happy with that. LOL  Then the other morning I came back downstairs to find C on the counter.  He didn't want me to take his picture but I just had to before I helped him down.  Doesn't everyone use their art desks as a step ladder to the cabinet?

So what did your week look like? Are you sharing this week?
Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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