Monday, April 14, 2014

Disney Mystery Grab Bag

Oh my I'm not sure that it gets better then this. You all know I love a good mystery box and then you throw Disney in and I'm sold. :)  Walt Disney World has a store in Downtown Disney called Fun Finds and they have grab bags for $11.99. Since I didn't make it to Downtown Disney on my Jan trip I completely forgot about them but I a friend grabbed me one when she was down there and sent it back to me.  I love Disney friends.

Here is what the bag looks like. It is all sealed up so you can feel around it but you can't actually see what is inside. If you know you want more then one bag you might try to look for a different shape and feel to the bag.

With the first look I knew this was going to be a great bag for my family.  My boys love Star Wars so whatever it was is awesome.

And here are the goodies.  The items are leftovers and end of season stuff but it is a really fun way to get some souvenirs. Plus who doesn't love the mystery?  Disney has actually offered these bags on and off for a long time. My sister and I used to get them when she was younger too. Here is what was in my bag with the price on the item listed too.
  • Red Light Up Mickey head keychain ($?) - actually no price was listed on this ones tag but it blinks a really bright red. The boys are going to love playing with this.
  • Vinylmation Jr Pairs 2 keychain ($12.95) - N became obsessed with Vinylmation when we were there in Jan and he has already grabbed this and the other one pictured and ran them upstairs. He was so happy.
  • Minnie Mouse as Queen Amidala ($9.95) - Again N loved this. He opened it and took it over to our Star Wars bin. Yes we have a Star Wars bin here with misc Star Wars action figures in it.  I told you we are a little obsessed with things here. LOL
  • Vinylmation Jr It's a Small World Collection ($8.95) - This is something we definitely would have bought. N got a new vinylmation almost each day we were down there and this is right up his alley. He has already grabbed it and taken it to his room so I don't have a picture of the actual character but it is tikiman mickey character. It is actually the same size as the keychains above and he has said that he wants to hook them on his backpack when he goes back to school.
  • Chip and Dale Autograph Keychain ($?) - again no price listed since these are color coded prices but this is cute and a little big for my keychain but it could be really cute on my bag when we go to the parks with all the autograph stuff in it.
So what do you think?  Lots of keychain type stuff in my  bag but all very cute and my boys are in love with it all.  I really need to try and remember to run by this store next time I'm down there and grab some more of these.

Happy mystery bag day °O°

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