Tuesday, April 1, 2014

TV Talk Tuesday

Well I never managed to get on and blog yesterday but that doesn't mean I don't have to get on today. :)  There is TV to talk about. As always read at your own risk there are spoilers below!!!

The last weekly Walking Dead until October and can I just say really October? I think they need to have a mini summer season to tide us over just a couple episodes and all would be good. LOL So what is everyone's thoughts on the finale? I thought it was really good and as much as I don't like a cliffhanger I do understand why shows do it and at least you can see this one taking awhile to play out so noway to quickly resolve it like if they had done an is so and so dead or something like that.  Those annoy me to no end.  I do think this episode left lots of questions.  Who are the people at Terminus? The cannibals from the comics? Some other random cult?  Where are Carol, Tyrese and Judith? What about Beth?  Do we know the random people screaming for help from the storage containers?  So many questions and that is why we love the show.  Besides all the leftover questions what about the actual episode? Thoughts?  OMG I can't believe they went there with Rick and the claimers? One of my friends who reads the comics (Hi Michelle over at 3 Monkeys Throwing Around Some Paper) had told me about the group they represent from the books and I'm still surprised they went there.  Can we just say Ew on both accounts.  So well done though.  Do you guys watch the Talking Dead too?  I really like when they have the actors on and no so much when they have the comedians.  Some of them are ok but others I don't think even watch the show.  So I did like watching this episode and while you never get tons of new info I like the behind the scenes info and the in memoriam is always a favorite of mine.

I'm still really liking Star Crossed. Does anyone else watch?  It is on at a horrible time so I can't watch it or Tivo it on Mondays so I have to use our new google chromecast to watch it. Does anyone else have that?  It really is awesome since I don't like watching on the laptop I can send it all to the tv so easily.  I'm in love.Not enough to get rid of cable but enough to keep me happy for now.  So back to the show. I love that its obviously a highschool show and there is a love triangle but there is also conflict within each sides respective culture. However with that being said there is a bit much going on right now and I think as they narrow down some of the storylines and get rid of some of the cast it will settle into a fun and good show.

Hmm I think that is it for now.  Still kindof behind this week so its short and sweet.  I did not watch the HIMYM finale last night. I'm not sure if I'm in denial that its over or just not into this season but we still have over half of this last season to watch.  I've heard mixed reviews on it so I will have to do a marathon with M and finish it off.

So what all are you guys watching this week? Thoughts?  I'm all about the spoilers so talk about whatever you want.

Happy viewing,


  1. I loved Walking Dead!!!! Everyone is worried about Beth being on the grill....yuck....but I think Beth is gonna save the day!!! I think everyone under estimates Beth but I think she can kick ass!!!
    I stopped watching Star Crossed. Just didn't keep my interest. Oh well. I am loving 100 though. I love Twisted and PLL. Bates Motel and one of my favorites- Vikings!

    1. Let's go Team Beth!!! I haven't' started on the 100 yet. Its still being recorded so I'll watch it soon.


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