Saturday, April 5, 2014

Wantable Intimates April 2014 Box

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Oh my I love when a box comes before I was expecting it.  I had gotten tracking for my Wantable box and thought it was coming on Monday but then I got the text that it was delivered so I ran right out to the mailbox.  I was very excited to see this pretty white box when I opened it up.

I skipped last month since I would have been on my cruise and not here when it arrived so I was even more excited.  I'd also seen a couple things that other people have been getting and was already loving my first look.

I've said this before but one of the things I like the most about Wantable is the questionnaire they have when you signup. It really gives you a customizable feel to your box. You are more likely to get things you love and will never get things you dislike.  Within each of the categories are subcategories that have even more personalization.  It really is a very thorough signup.

And now for what you are all looking for. The intimates this month.

I'm very happy with my box this month.  With the Wantable box you get 4-5 premium essentials each month for a monthly subscription of $36 or a one time box for $40.

Now onto the details:
St.Eve Tunic Cami Striped ($15) - I've seen others get this and I love it. I'm so ready for summer and all the spring colors and will be wearing this one on my cruise this week.

Honeydew Corseted Hipster in Smitten Pink($14) - Oh my these are AWESOME.  This is actually the back of the panties but I wanted to make sure you saw the detail.  It is so so so cute and I know M will like these too ;)

Steve Madden Chemise in Cerise ($36) -This look so comfy and again so very bright. It is also very bright and just fun. Normally I'm a sleepy pants and tshirt kindof girl but this will be fun to mix it up and try something new. Again I don't think M will complain one bit about this one.

Kiby's Iris Thong in Fuchsia ($15) - This is so pretty and I love that it coordinates with the chemise. Not that I will wear it with that but I like that it matches.  And as I've said with the other goodies M will be liking this one ;)

So what do you think?  This is definitely a box that has things I love and that M will like too.  Over all I got a value of $80 for this box which is well over the $36 that I paid. As you've read I really do like this box but if you don't Wantable has an easy return policy so you could always return it if you don't like it. They also have an easy skip feature which is what I used last month and I love that it is easy to do.

I also get the Wantable makeup box and that comes to me near the end of the month so I have a couple weeks to wait for that one. They also offer an accessories box if you are interested in that one.  With my son still pulling at all of my jewelry when I wear it I think I'll wait awhile for that one ;) but from what I've seen its got some really cute items in it each month.

Do you get the Wantable  intimates box or any of their other boxes?  Let me know so I can check out what you've gotten this month. I love seeing all the options that are out there and how they are customized for each person.  So fun.  I can't wait for next month's box now.


disclaimer: that is my referral link so I will get credits if you decide to sign up through my link.

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