Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up today for Thursday Thoughts.

  • I went to Target this morning to check out the clearance and I think I did pretty good.  I was excited that mine seems to have some of the Easter stuff left. It was at 70% today so I would expect 90% tomorrow. Not sure I will make it back but maybe C and I will try a different Target.
  • OK now that I look at the picture I think that I'm good on chapstick for awhile ;)  This is a combination of Easter clearance, dollar spot clearance and just regular clearance.
  • I'm a little obsessed with Arrow right now. I've now gone through 10 episodes in 2 days. LOL
  • Sometimes C is just too stinkin' cute but then I've decided the cuter I think he is the more trouble his is getting into. LOL
  • I somehow completely forgot that N has a makeup day on Saturday. Oh well happy Saturday morning for me :)
  • My days are so off this week.  N started back yesterday and even though I told him what days he had which specials I as still surprised when he brought a library book home. I said "oh you went to library today instead of Wednesday" since in my head it was Monday. He told me "today is Wednesday" with that duh huh expression on his face. LOL oh my it could be a long 9 weeks.
Well if you haven't had enough of my random ramblings today check out my new post yesterday Whatever Wednesday. I did even more jumping around there. :)

Have a great Thursday!!!


  1. i have been to the mall 3 times since easter and not gone into target. i've been trying to tamp down the clearance shopping a bit, since it seems like we have plenty of easter decorations. i was proud of myself so i stuffed my face with chipotle with all the money i saved :)

    1. oh chipolte sounds yummy. I need to make a trip there soon.

  2. Nice haul! I love all the lip balms!!!!! I am going tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed!

    1. I had to resist getting lots of the same ones. I would have bought more Eos had I seen those though. LOL


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