Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up as usual for some Thursday Thoughts.

  • My house looks like a tornado went through it so the boys and I are working a 10min on 10min off rotation this afternoon. I'm of course blogging during my break.:)
  • Both boys need a haircut so N and I went to Snipits this morning for his while C was at school. C hates snipits so I made him an appointment at another local kids salon for this afternoon. I'm hoping he likes it there better. He really needs a haircut.
  • We are heading to Charlotte for Easter on Saturday and part of the reason we are doing cleaning today is so that they can go out and do something with M tomorrow. I want so me time in the house and if its a total wreck we will have to clean then. LOL
  • I've been a slacker and I have packages that need to go out. I see my mailman taking most of these on Saturday. I will spend my me time tomorrow in the quiet getting them ready to go.
  • I'm wondering if my local utilities are upset with me for some reason?  Tuesday the recycling skipped my house for no apparent reason and then Wednesday the mailman didn't deliver to our neighborhood at all. The last time that happened we got mail twice the next day but so far no mail here today :(  Really no idea why the recycling didn't pick up when he picked up other peoples but there is no way my bin can make it another 2 weeks.  Grr so annoying.
  • While N and I were out running errands we were near a newish TacoBell and he wanted to stop. I have decided that I am just too old for TB at 11am. LOL The highschool kids in there seemed to be fine but I am just too old. It really  needs to be at least noon to eat there.

Well since I've now used three of my brakes and only gotten the above done I think that I'm good on my thoughts. I really don't have a ton of things running around my brain today. LOL I'm still on getting back from vacay brain and my head is mush. :)

Have a great Thursday everyone!!!

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