Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fall TV 2013

So as you probably know I am a TV junkie. I love love love tv. Not that I sit and stare at most of the shows I watch but I love having it on when I'm working and doing other things.  So each season I make a chart so I know where I will have conflicts and how to set up the Tivo so that I get all the shows I want.  Guess what today was?  Yeap TV chart day. This is a very exciting day for me. ;)

So this is what I'm starting with this year.  I'm not sure I will keep all of them since I never do but these are the ones that I'm already either watching or ones that spark my interest. Some of them I will let record for a couple weeks and if they aren't cancelled right away then I will try them out. Dracula and Reign I'm speaking of you.  My conflict day is Thursday at 8 since I can only record 2 shows at a time so Wonderland may be the show that gets the boot but there could always be some schedule changing once things get started or I could possible watch it on demand.  I have also been known to record a whole season of  a show and watch it over the summer so just because its on at a certain time I certainly don't think I need to watch it then.

I did drop a couple shows from last seasons chart. Some were cancelled Partners and CSI:NY and others lost my interest so I didn't make it through the season Nashville, Beauty and The Beast and others are ones that I watched for years but decided they have just run their course and it was becoming a chore to watch Hawaii 5-0. Criminal Minds and Mentalist.  I'm curious to see what from this years chart will make the drop list this year.

What shows are you looking most forward to this season?  I only do normal channels on my chart since the cable channels seem to re-show the episodes over and over during the week so I can always record it at another time but I do watch lots of non-network shows too ;).  Am I missing anything I need to add to my watch list.  Let me know and I will check it out.



  1. Some of my favorites: Longmire, Falling Skies, PLL, Twisted, Walking Dead- Don't forget Walking DEAD!!! Supernatural (obviously), Vampire Diaires, Under the Dome, Revolution

    I am wanting to watch Sleepy Hollow and Dracula

  2. I need a TV chart!!! I'm going to work on this!

  3. This TV chart ROCKS!! I want to make one too!!!


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