Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Photo Dump

It's Friday Phone Dump time over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom and I'm linking up.

As the end of Ns school year was upon us he had his parent tea last week. The kids come in and sing songs. I never know what he is singing since he always tells me its a surprise. This year they did three songs and they all required movement and action. It was really cute to see how much they have changed and how they actual sing now versus just last year when maybe one kid sang.

And just how did N graduate from preschool? I can't  believe he is actually that old and that he will be in kindergarten in July.  The theme was Oh the Places You will Go and they had made their own caps for the occasion.

Since I knew my mornings with C were winding down we went to DD one day. He loves going to this one since they have these kid tables with toys and books. We have this exact toy at home that he never touches but you know its better when you can play with it out. ;)

This picture just came out really cute.  This is one of the outfits that came in my Sweet Pea Box and I'm a little obsessed with the Tiny Whales t-shirt.  It is so stinking cute.

Took this picture this morning. Its a dreary day so far so the boys decided to watch the Ipads.  Too bad my house is so small that they have to be in the exact same space.  Good thing they are small and both fit together on the couch.

Have a great day and a wonderful holiday weekend. Anyone have any big plans? We are just hanging around the house. I'm scrapping tomorrow night while Nana watches the boys so winwin for both of us ;)  Hoping to get to the pool some too.


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