Friday, May 24, 2013

Mommy & Me Cravebox

My Mommy and Me Cravebox came today. It said it would be good for mommies and children 0-2 so I thought why not I'm sure C and I can use the items in there. Hmm I should have passed. Normally I'm good with the boxes and the randomness that is in them but this one is pretty puny compared to the others I've gotten.

I love the Cravebox boxes. They are so pretty when they get delivered.
 First look inside. They use some of the prettiest paper and it matches the box.  I reuse this paper in my gifts so if you get anything from me be on the look out for subscription box packging in there.
First look when I removed the paper. It looked ok to start.
And these are the contents.  Very puny compared to most of their boxes and I'm not sure how it all fits a mommy and me theme.  C will love the juice in the package and the little highlights book. N already gets High Five so that is a repeat for us but that is not their problem.  I'm trying to figure out how herbal tea and styling mousse are mommy and me related. :(  Nothing that I'll be using soon. I do drink tea but mostly when its cold so it will either be passed on or sit in the pantry until next fall.  The box also had some coupons for woolite items but no freebies just dollars off.

So as you can see not my favorite box at all. This Cravebox cost $12 and I don't think we got anywhere near that value.  I will still give them another chance since I normally like their boxes but this one is disappointing.  Did you get this box? What do you think of Cravebox? Have you gotten others that you loved?


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