Monday, May 13, 2013

Julep Hooray For May Mystery Box 2013

Wow that was some fast shipping. I ordered my Hooray for May Mystery Box on Friday and I got a shipping notice that afternoon but I was still surprised to see the Julep box in the mail today. It was a happy surprise though since I need to do my nails and this gives me all the incentive to get on that tonight. :)

 I love opening the boxes since they always have the cutest tissue and shreds in there. They are different each month so it helps in my gift giving since I can usually find a bag to match it.  I'm all about the recycle.
This mystery box also included a special polish that you can share or pass on.  I was planning on passing it on but after opening it I think I might be keeping it. LOL I'm so bad. ;)

My papers say that I got Version 2 and since they are just starting to be delivered I'm not sure how many versions there are but I was so excited to get all polishes.  There were the five that are my mystery box and then the one that is my pass along. All for $24.99 so this was a great deal for me.  It also said that they have created two new brights and we were guaranteed to get at least one so I'm curious to see what the other color was.  Here are the colors I got:

  • Vanessa - Bombshell - is an opalescent glitter in a clear base - This is awesome since I can layer on any other color to give it a little oomph
  • Grace - Classic With a Twist - this is a light pink sheer - probably a little light for me but it will be good for those times that I don't want a bold color
  • Sharon - Classic With a Twist - a dark bold red shimmer - I can't wait to wear this on my tootsies. The picture does not do it justice it looks amazing.
  • Avery - Classic With a Twist - hot pink creme - This is so bright. It will be great for summer pool and beach wear
  • Charlie - Bombshell - This one isn't available to search on the Julep site so I'm guessing its the special color. As I've mentioned before I don't have a yellow color to complete my rainbow nails and this one is so bright that I know my son will love it.  I can see a rainbow coming up in my future. :)
  • Alice - Boho Glam - antique lilac shimmer - so this is the special I am able to pass along but since I don't have it I think that I will be keeping this for myself. It didn't help that purple is my favorite color so this is going right in my new polish holder.
I'm so glad that I jumped and grabbed the mystery box. Did you get it? What all did you get?


disclaimer: My affiliate link is up there so if you want to get in on the monthly box and use my link I get credits. 


  1. I'm confused on what they mystery color is, because I watched 2 unboxing videos on Youtube, and all of the boxes seem to have different colors in them (Unless I'm just not hearing people correctly)

    First vid had Version 3:
    Zora (I think that's what she said, it was a light pink)

    The other video (she didn't say what verison it was) had:

    So now I'm very confused...

    1. Hi from what I've seen the mystery colors are Charlie which is a neon yellow and Korin which is neon green.


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