Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Social

Its Sunday Social time and since I read them every week I decided to link up.

1. 4 favorite things to do on a weekend:

  • sleep in - our normal routine gets us up at 7am in my house most weekends that gets pushed until at least 8 if not 9 like it was this weekend. :)
  • craft - I get more free time since M is here to help with the boys on the weekends so its crafty time
  • tv catch up - M and I tivo everything so on the weekends we get to have some mini marathons and catch up on the we shows. We are both pretty go with our individual shows but the we shows take more time to watch.
  • hmm not lets see what else do I like to do. hmmm I'm going with cook longer dishes. We have the quick to cook meals I make during the week but on the weekends I can make some that take a little bit longer.
2. 4 favorite things about your best friend - Ok this is going to sound odd but I don't think I can narrow it down to one specific best friend besides hubby. With my girl friends I have so many that I could say are best friends but we share so much I'm not sure I could pick just the one to say she's the one. So I'm picking one that is as crazy as me ;)
  • She will go with me anywhere to stalk  listen to and take pictures of celebrities from our favorite shows. ;)
  • She loves my crazy and wild family
  • We can craft and talk for hours and not wear each other out. :) Anyone who knows me knows how much I can talk. LOL
  • She's just her.
3. 4 things you would do with $100,000 - I should probably do something responsible with it but I'm going for fun.
  • Go to Hawaii.  Just one of those places I've wanted to go and haven't been to yet.
  • NYC for a mega shopping trip.
  • Add a sun room on my house - ok so this is necessarily fun but when I think of all the things we could do with a sun room fun will be had.
  • Do something incredible fun with my boys. I have no idea what yet but with the money I'm thinking the sky is almost the limit.
4. 4 favorite books you've ever read - So don't laugh but I read mostly for enjoyment and I don't like to ready anything to serious so I'm doing my favorite series which all have books I can read over and over.
  • The Black Dagger Brotherhood books from JR Ward
  • The Immortals After Dark Series by Kresley Cole
  • The Twilight Books by Stephanie Meyers
  • The Thirst Series by Christopher Pike
5. 4 favorite snack foods
  • Reeses Pieces
  • plain Lays chips
  • Cook Ranch Doritos
  • chewy spree or chewy sweat tarts
6. 4 things that you must do daily
  • Shower and morning routine
  • check my email and FB - I really get withdrawals when I'm away to long
  • watch tv of some kind - I would be so lost without my tv
  • Drink some coke - I'm trying to cut back but its not going away.
Thanks ladies for the fun questions and I love your link up.


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  1. Fun post! New follower! Its so sad that I get excited about weekends because I get to have a coke! haha! Have a great Sunday!


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