Thursday, May 23, 2013

Teacher Gift Pails

So I had this great idea to decorate pails for the teacher gifts this year.  I've had the pails forever and even had the stuff to go in the pails for awhile but actually getting them done was another thing.  Of course I started two days before the last day and soon realized I was going to run out of sticky strip.  I went looking and found I had two partial spools of it so a trip to ACMoore was in my horizon. I bought a spool there and barely got the three pails done before I was out again. I didn't compare the amount of tape on the spools and the ones they had are not as big as mine from Stampin' Up. I guess I know something going on my next order. Only problem was that he has three teachers and I had gotten a little something for his director too.  No problem directors goes in a bag. Sorry but I was not running back out today.

These are the pails I had picked out.  Not huge but a decent size. I got them at Lowe's and they have all different sizes and some that have lids more like a paint can which are fun to decorate too.
A look down before I got started. This is some older Designer Series Paper from Stampin' Up but it screams school for me and I love the colors so I grabbed it out.

Here is a picture of one of the finished pails. Sorry for the angle but I was trying to find a solid background so you could see the ribbons.  That was fun and a great way to use up some spools of ribbon. I grabbed alot of different spools that were all in the same color feel as my pails.
 Here are the three finished pails.  Ns class is the owls so each pail has an Owl candle holder and candle in it along with their Target gift cards.  Who doesn't love Target ;)

Hmm I thought you could see the bag better in this one but oh well. I took a brown kraft gift bag and decorated it in the same paper and ribbons as the pails.  Very cute and super speedy. Another great way to use up some scraps that you have left over.

So there you have it.  I'll have even more gifts to make next year since N will be in Kindergarten and C will be in preschool. I'll have to make sure I start ahead of time but I do love how these turned out.

Happy crafting,

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