Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Its Thursday Thoughts over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom and I'm linking up again this week.

  • Just saw today that Big Brother After Dark is going to be on TVGN this year instead of Showtime. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I hope its still uncensored since that's what makes it so good. We also don't get TVGN on my Tivo so I don't have a way to record it. :( I won't be watching as much since I'm not normally up at that time to watch.
  • So yesterday was the day they finally relieved who Roger Howorth is playing on GH now. He is the new Franco. I actually like him better then James Franco so I'm excited for this. It also ages Franco by about 10 years which only makes sense since he now has a 20ish daughter.  I'm curious to see how this all plays out. Oh and he's also a Quartermaine so that is Awesome.  And yes as you can tell I am addicted.
  • Finally went to the pool yesterday.  The water is cold since its been so chilly here. When the kids say its cold then you know its cold. Even so I think we have made a new routine. Pool in the am for a couple hours, home for lunch and then nap for C. :)  I could see this being a huge pattern this summer.
  • I need to start thinking of some new summer meal ideas.  I'm bored with my staples and I need to venture out.  
  • With that being said I also need to work more on my couponing. I used to be so good. Not extreme by any mean but I used them. I've been really slack lately but I need to get back to it. The boys are eating more and I need to save some money for my subscription boxes ;)
  • Ah subscription boxes I love you so. Do you think there is anyway we could pick shipping days so that I get at least one box a week instead of all of you the same week? This would make me so happy.
So that's my ramblings of the day. What are you thinking about today?



  1. Have you used the Ibotta app? It's basically like couponing for the modern age. I wrote about it in my Thursday Thoughts. You just pick which offers you want to take advantage of at the store and then after you buy them, you snap a pic of your receipt with your phone and scan the barcode on the item and you get money through Paypal! It's really easy and I'm kind-of obsessed!

  2. I need to work on my couponing too. I used to be SO good. Now I suck.

    And I don't even know what TVGN is? Should I?? I want it whatever channel it is.

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom


    1. Sorry didn't mean to get you all excited. Just that they will be having All Stars dancing with the SYTYCD kids too. They've been doing it the last couple of years but they got some new people this year including Mark. I guess since he's not touring with Gaga this year he was available.

  4. oh awesome. that's good enough for me!!! i love mark. he's so weird.

    i quit couponing. mostly because i don't have a car to go to the store. but i'm still living off my cvs stockpile and we don't need food.

    did you see that alison & twitch got engaged?

    1. I did see they got engaged. I'm happy for them since they are cute together. And I think Allison is an awesome dancer. I love watching her in some of the contemporary pieces.

      AHH CVS how I love you. :) I haven't been good with me ECBs lately either and have had to go and grab something so they don't expire. I need to start rolling them into other sales again. We don't keep much of a stockpile since even if its free I don't always buy it since I assume it will be free again. Especially if we don't need it and have some extra already. All the extra stored around was bugging me and I could keep looking at it so we had to cut down.

  5. What happens on Big Brother After Dark?

    1. Depending on the season its all the awesomness and uncensored stuff. What we get on Tv is multiple days cut together so there is lots on there that we don't get. You can see lots of scheming and of course the drinking and craziness that brings out. Its amazing how some houseguests look on tv vs how they really are in the house. Of course it also depends on the season. Some years they guests are bores and others they are just crazy.


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