Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Goodies May 2013 Review

My Goodies Box came on Saturday. I love getting packages on Saturday since I feel like they should only come during the week so its always an extra surprise especially since my tracking said that it would  be here on Monday.

First look. This months box was really heavy when I looked it was 4lbs and normally its around 2lbs so I was really curious as to what was in there. I got version 4 this month and I think I've read that there were 7 versions. Mostly just slightly different flavors in some of the items.  If you don't already know Goodies is a snack box that comes once a month for $7.  They do have a waiting list so if you are interested go ahead and sign up. I was only on it a week or so but the timing has varied for others.

When I pulled back the paper I could see why the box was so heavy. The Coconut water is huge.

and now onto the goodies:
  • Zico Coconut Water - I'm not a fan of coconut anything so I won't be trying this however my mother in law loves coconut so I'll pass this on to her.  This is a huge sample though as its a whole liter and part of why I think the box was so heavy.
  • Bronco Bob's Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce - This just sounds delicious and online it says you can use it to baste meat or pour over cream cheese as a simple hor d'oeuvre   Well I'm thinking this will be good over some meat so that's my plan.
  • California Olive Ranch EVOO - Who can't use EVOO. These are so cute I plan to take them with me when we head to the beach this summer.  We have a kitchen so these will be handy to use without having to take my big bottle.
  • Kathie's Kitchen Sea Salt Pumpkin Seeds - I'm going to sample these today. :) I love pumpkin seeds and you can never go wrong with sea salt. These just sound yummy.
  • Dorval Sour Power Sortz and Straws - Wow these look sour but they are fat free so that means I can eat as many as I want. Right? ;)  My son is already oogling these so I don't think I will get a taste but they are really cool.
  • Beanitos Nacho Cheese white bean chips - I've never heard of white bean chips but since I'm a chipaholic I will be eating these later.
  • Numi Organic Tea Moroccan Mint - I do drink hot tea on occasion but I have a hard time doing it in the summer. To me its more of a cold winter nights thing so this will get set in the pantry until its cooler here.
  • Wholly Guacamole coupon and bag clip - This is for a free product so I'm very excited. We love wholly products here and I can't wait to get one. Plus who can't use an extra bag clip. I'm not sure whats going on at my house but lately alot of mine have been breaking so I've had to improvise.
All in all this is a great month. I will be trying or passing on everything. Plus you can review your items on their site for points and get free things. I cashed in my points and got this box for free. You can't get any better then that.


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  1. I saw the coconut water in Trader Joes the other day....wondered if it would be good or not...I like coconut but not sure I want it in water...KWIM??


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