Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Phone Dump Disney style

Linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom this week for some Friday Phone Dump. This week I'm doing it Disney style since I have so many pictures from my trip this is sure to be just one of many Disney photo posts. These are just some of the many I took on my phone.

  • The rings are gone so we are heading out to Disney.
  • How we roll. 4 boys and 2 moms heading down the road.
  • Construction on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is coming right along. (these pictures has the inner engineer in me giddy :))
  • What little boy doesn't want to fly with Peter Pan?
  • Haircuts on Main Street. It's now a tradition.
  • What happens with 5 kids waiting for the show to start.
  • My silly son taking picture waiting to see characters.  #alwaysgetafinger
  • A perfect spot for dinner
  • Waiting on friends to get to Epcot
  • Handy Manny time
  • N onstage for Jedi training
  • I wanted a picture of him with Goofy and he said no with the car #boymomlife
  • We had a little rain one day
  • Brotherly love
  • He won the whak-a-mole game
  • They saw a bridge so must be photo time
  • Tea Cups!!!
  • Pluto (aka poopoo as C calls him)
  • Meeting the soldier man. This is one of my favorite pictures. C was very insistent that we met the soldier man.
  • C was also obsessed with tossing our trash and the trash cans.  Hmm maybe I should have him throw more things away at home ;)
So those are just a couple of the pictures I have on my phone. Good thing I'm a scrapbooker lots of fun to come with these.

Have a great weekend,

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  1. so cute! lol can't wait to take my daughter to disney. I want to be a psrt of iphone dump friday! 16gb and all i have are pictures of my daughter lol


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