Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Phone Dump

Linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom this week for some Friday Phone Dump.   I didn't think I had taken many photos this week until I went to pull them for this post and I do have some good and random ones. :)

  • While N was at grandma's house at the beginning of the week C was soaking up the daddy time. This was one of the many book readings one night.
  • Yesterday I had carpool and poor C just couldn't make it. He was happy as a clam back there and as soon as I started pulling up to get the kids he crashed. He didn't even wake when everyone piled in and the drive home.
  • This was Ns haul from grandmas.  She sent me this pic after his trip to toys r us. Can you tell we've been playing alot of Disney Infinity lately.

  • It actually did it. We saw snow outside this week. It started later one evening and the boys had to go out.  Hard to tell in this picture but it is flurrying out there but N told me that it was too wet out there.
  • We had pictures Wed morning outside and this was when we stopped to drop M back off at work.  His office got way more snow then our house did and C had to get out and see it.
  • He ran around a bit and picked some up but then he was done. LOL

  • My boys and I waiting to see Despicable Me 2 the other day.  N had been wanting to go to the movies so we headed out to the cheap theater and saw this.  N says that this theater is huge since its still the old style non-stadium seating.  I do love going there though even with it now being $2.25 a movie and I remember when it was only $1 :(
  • This was a picture I sent to my sister after our pictures. It was really a torture for where we were eating. She loves Mellow Mushroom so anytime I go there without here I like to rub it in. LOL
  • My friends and I have been watching this shopping area being built and couldn't wait to see what it was. We knew some of the stores going in but didn't know what was where.  I was very excited to see these when I stopped at Target yesterday.  
So that is my week in pictures.  How was your week? Anything fun?


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