Friday, January 3, 2014

Julep Jan 2014 Box Review

Yea my Jan Julep box came yesterday. I've been seeing people getting theirs but could not on the earth of me remember which box I had ordered. LOL I knew I didn't upgrade and I could have looked but decided to just be surprised and I'm happy with my choice.

The Julep  box was a nice purple this month. Most of the boxes I get from them are black so this was a welcome surprise.

This months collection is the boudoir collection labeled as fancy finishes and top drawer products.

And now for my selection. I choose the Boho Glam collection this month which included two polishes (Hannah & Noelle) and the quick dry drops. I then added the Vanish as an add-on.  I also added on some new Swatch Me stickers but they are back-ordered so not in the above picture.
  • Noelle - a sandy beach silk. This looks like a nice shiny tan color. I can't wait to try as a great neutral.
  • Hannah - a Sage creme.  I love green nailpolish. Not sure why but I do so I'm always in for adding to my collection.
  • TADA! - Quick Dry Drops that will reduce polish dry time, nourish nails and cuticles with botanical oils and vitamin E, and its scented with lavender and ylang ylang.  I've never used these kinds of drops and with my normal Freedom TopCoat I don't feel like it takes too long to dry but I want to see how these work and how fast.
  • Vanish - This is a cuticle softener and remover. It says that it will instantly loosen overgrown cuticles, it contains hydrating lanolin, removes stubborn color stains from nails, reduced regrowth with regular use and it will work wonders on toes, too.  I got this for the stain removal. No matter how good I try to be I sometimes I get stains from polishes and I love that this will help get rid of it.
Overall I'm loving the color palette this month and I can't wait to give it a go probably when I get home from my trip and I have some more time.  If you are interested in checking Julep out head over and fill out there Maven profile. They will recommend which box you should get but you can go in each month and change your selection, skip, get add-ons etc. They make it really easy.  The cost of the boxes are $19.99 a month and if you follow my blog you'll know I get about every other one. That is about all the polish I can handle right now. LOL I've got a very large collection going on and I'm trying to use every color at least once.

Did you get a Julep Maven box this month?  Which one did you get? Did you love the colors this month?

disclaimer: That is my referral link up there so if you click through and signup though the link I get credits for future purchases. Thanks.

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