Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So What Wednesday

Today I am saying So What If...

  • We had a snow day here in NC yesterday and it didn't really start to snow until after dinner.
  • We have another snow day today but we do actually have snow.

  • I keep saying I'm going to deal with the kids old clothes and they just stay piled in the totes until someone asks about a size.
  • I just want to stay in all day and not play in the above mentioned snow.
  • N now thinks he will get snow on his birthday every year.
  • I still got up early this morning so I could watch Supernatural before the madness began.
  • I'm still not cleaning my office space off but I did make enough room to actually work a little bit.
  • I stopped mid post and went out with the boys for some snowy fun.

  • My weekly So What Shameless Plug - If you have been wanting some Stampin' Up goodies now is the time. Our Annual Sale-a-bration is going on now.  For every $50 you spend you get to select an item from the Sale-A-Bration catty.  Lots of great goodies this year. Check it out and happy shopping.
I hope everyone has a great Wednesday and if you are snowed in be safe and have fun.


1 comment:

  1. I don't want to play in the snow either!!! To cold!!! Staying IN!!!


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