Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Phone Dump

Linking up with Jenn again for Some Friday Phone Dump.  I should call this the snow day edition but I'll toss a couple other photos in there too. ;)

My boys loved the snow for the first two days.  It is getting wet and melty now and not nearly as fun.  C wasn't into sledding at first but once he tried it he was hooked.  Of course being in NC we don't have sleds for everyone so who wants to wait a turn when they can all go together.  LOL They love it and keep trying to get more and more to go.

I would say N had a great birthday. The snow came later then expected so we were able to go to  cicis for dinner.  Then it was home for some cake and as you can see C pretty much ate the icing. LOL.  As part of his present we let N go and pick out a new bike. He choose the pretty red one. And today we ventured out of this house finally and went to Target. The boys had some birthday money burning holes in their pockets so they each picked a new Disney Infinity character and a power pack.

A pretty fun if crazy week this week.  N has a makeup school day tomorrow and I'm heading to Archivers for my final farewell before they close. :(  They are calling for 60deg weather on Sunday but then another chance of snow next week.  I'm pretty much done with the snowy weather for this year. LOL

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


  1. Did I understand correctly that your son has to go to school tomorrow Saturday, for a make-up day?

    1. He was supposed to but roads still not clear enough so they cancelled it again. They are going to try and makeup next Saturday. We go to a year round school so there is always someone there and we have makeup days on Saturday. We knew that when we started but this is the first we've had.


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