Saturday, January 4, 2014

Peachycheap Grab Bag

Well as you all know I love a subscription box, a santa sack or a grab bag so when one of my favorite deal sites had one posted over Christmas I jumped on it. I actually ordered it from my phone while we were taking a donut break opening our gifts.  And it came today and I couldn't wait to check in and see what all it included.

First look. The grab bag was really a bag and shipped in a PFRE. I love these envelopes and use them to ship all the time. If you haven't tried them out then you are missing out. Get online and order some from USPS now. They are free and then are priority to ship but you can stuff them with so much stuff.

From the first look I was excited.  Well anytime I see Washi excited and then the first thing I pulled out was the October Afternoon stamp set and it is one I don't have so I was done. The rest is just cake to me. LOL  This was the first grab bag I've done from them and for the $14.99 plus $4.99 shipping I would totally do it again. If you don't know is a daily deal site that posts one crafty deal each day.  Things are really discounted so some do sell out fast. I get emails from them with the deal each day so every morning I take a look. ;)

Did you get the grab bag?  What all did you get? I need to look around and see what the variations might have been. I love mine.

Happy crafting!!!


  1. I had never heard of Peachycheap, but I love crafting, and I love deals. So I am heading over there right now!!!

  2. Well this looks fun! I would totally do that if they did it again!!!

  3. And look at me, I figured out what my commenting issue was!!

    1. Me too on ours at least from my phone I had to unclick the open id vut I could comment. Im catching up on the ride back home.


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