Tuesday, January 21, 2014

TV Talk Tuesday

I'm back and as the shows are getting back into swing I figure we could do some chatting. :) There are spoilers below so if you are spoiler free then proceed at your own risk.  I'm a spoiler junkie so I don't mind reading and knowing. I love to see what someone thinks and then watch it myself and see how it really pans out. Sometimes I agree and sometimes I don't but I want the info. Can't Stop the Signal ;) (bonus points if you get that reference. Another awesome show and movie)

Who watched Flowers in the Attic? I'm a huge VC Andrews fan and I'll admit I stopped reading her books a couple years ago but until then I'm pretty sure I read them all including this one. I remember thinking how bad girl ;) I was being reading these books back in the day but they really do stand up to the times and are still good.  I may need to add her back into my reading rotation. Anyway the movie I thought was really good.  They didn't gloss over the good parts but didn't make it too icky either.  I hear rumors that they are already talking about more movies and book two of the series is going to be interesting.

Oh Supernatural how I love you so.  Last weeks episode was a great one back from hellatus and this weeks looks great. I don't like my boys apart but I could see it coming so I'll be ok. I'm just hoping it doesn't last too long and they are a team soon once again.

Ok someone tell me do I need to watch Revenge? I loved the first season but last season kindof felt like work to watch. I've heard this season is better.  I have all of the episodes on my Tivo but I just haven't brought myself to watch them yet.  Should I dig in?  Is this season better then last?

Pretty sure I mentioned in a post that I love White Collar. This is a great show and so much fun.  Plus who doesn't like watching Matt Bomer.  I really like how it is his shows but the supporting cast still plays a big part in it and it doesn't feel like they are just there. They are going in an interesting direction this season and I'm curious to see how it plays out. Very rarely does Neal get dupped and he was so suckered by this girl. I want to see how he comes out of it.  I'm actually thinking this might be the first time he has ever been coned and I don't think he is going to take it lightly.

Happy watching!!!

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