Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Randomness

Since I seem to have a lot of say I figured I'd do some Friday Randomness today.

  • I'm extremely saddened by the news that Archivers is closing. I have seen the writing on the wall but was really hoping they could pull it out.  My girls and I booked our last crop there today. We don't have any local scrapbook stores so not sure where I will be getting my new non Stampin' Up stuff from now. :(
  • I still haven't packed anything for our trip next week. LOL Almost everything here is clean though so it won't be bad.
  • Before I can really pack I need a mani and a pedi ;)  I see what is in my plans now.  Hmm what colors do I want.
  • I find it highly entertaining that both of my boys have to wait for dad when looking at their new electronics. This morning C says he needs his dad to help him with his new camera.  Uhm sure kid lets keep this needing dad stuff up.
  • Its going to be way beyond cold for NC today. High of just barely freezing. Not sure I can manage that temp for long today.
  • M and I are in the processes of catching up with White Collar.  Who else watches?  We have one more episode from the fall season and then the spring season starts up this month.  Love me some Matt Bomer and I love that Mark Sheppard is in it again this season. Gotta share my SPN love around.
So what are you up to this weekend?  Any randomness to share?


  1. I have never seen White Collar. Where do I find this??

    1. Its normally on USA mot sure if it's on Netflix or prime but it's really good. I love me some Matt Bomer.


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