Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Phone Dump

Linking up with Jenn for some Friday Phone Dump.

This is how I started my mani the other day. ;)  I didn't want to mess up my nails with opening the wrappers so I did all of the first.
 This was a new mug I got myself while Christmas shopping.  It is huge and I keep filling it up with my Hot Apple Cider from the Keurig.
 N got to pick lunch the other day and he chose PDQ. He loves it there.
 For the rainy day the other day N and M spent hours building all of the little figures out of Ns Lego Advent Calendar. We started it great but then got behind and they just stacked up.

This is how C plays. He was having a pirate party the other day.  We got a ton of Jake and the Neverland Pirate stuff for Christmas.

So that is my week quickly.  What did your week look like? Next week we're at Disney so I'll have a post on that when we get home. :)



  1. What is PDQ? And I totally need to get a Lego Advent Calendar for next year!

    1. Pdq is a chicken place franchise where everything is made fresh there. Very very yummy


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