Friday, January 31, 2014

Julep February 2014 Box Review

Very excited to go out to my mailbox and see my Julep box in there.  The original tracking said Monday but I knew it was close yesterday so I was hoping for today.  I need to do my nails so this is perfect timing.

This months collection was called The Dramatic Collection and I had really planned to skip this month but then I saw the colors and they were so me and Julep gave everyone an extra special polish this month so I just had to get a box. :)

The beauty product this month was an eye sheen which I think looks really interesting but I opted for the IT Girl Maven box this month which comes with 3 polishes.  I'll have to see what people are saying about the eye sheens and maybe grab one later or hope for one in a mystery box. ;)

And now onto my goodies of the month. 
  • Roc Solid - A vintage military creme.  I'm not sure what it is but I love green polishes and this is a nice dark shade.
  • Glam Roc - A midnight purple & gold stardust.  This is a matte glitter. It's purple and a glitter how could I not.  Purple is my favorite color and a matte glitter is a fun twist.
  • Diamond Theory - A full coverage multi-dimensional copper glitter. So shiny.
  • Love - this is the special extra polish this month and is a full-coverage gold, pearl, and fuchsia microglitter. This doesn't look as great in the picture but it is so pretty in person.
So what do you think?  These colors are me to a 'T' and I can't wait for the fun of seeing what they look like on.  I'm trying to decide which one I want to use tonight. Hmm so many decisions.  So if you want to order Julep or to just check them out you can click my link: Julep.  Julep is a monthly subscription box that sends you nailpolish and beauty products in the mail each month for $19.99.  They have multiple box choices and you can pick which one you would like to receive.  When you sign up you take a quiz and it will suggest your Maven profile. My profile is Classic with a Twist but when the window opens you can go in and change up your choice. This is what I did to get the It girl collection this month. :) If you want to try them out you can get your first box for FREE (just pay for S&H) with code FBFREE.

Did you get a box this month? Which one did you get? What is your favorite color in the collection?
Happy Nail Day!!!

disclaimer:  That is my referral link up above and I will get credit if you join through the link for future purchases.  All opinions as always are my own.

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