Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Fave Five Blog Hop

I'm back again linking up with Jennifer for her Friday Fave Five with Mom's Got Mail. 

Favorite Commercial
I'm obsessed with the the Samsung Commercial with Kristen Bell and Dax Sheppard.  I love her and the commercial is perfect.

Favorite Guilty Pleasure
Since I'm watching this as I work on my list it is my current Fave Guilty Pleasure Show.  I love me some NKOTB and this show is so fun to watch. Donnie is great as always and since I did watch Entourage when it was on I find it funny to see some of the real inspiration for a couple of the characters.  So much fun.

Favorite Powder
My favorite compact right now is by Josie Maran. I love that it has sunscreen in it and is like a little extra ontop of my regular sunscreen. I also love that it comes in only three shades and while it goes on a little whitish it blends in with your skin tone. It makes it so easy to pick and use.

Favorite Hot Drink
I'm so happy that it is getting cooler here and with the dreary weather we have had all week I can't wait to have a big cup of this.  I haven't had the chance yet but I'm thinking tonight might be the night.

Favorite bridge
With the weather this week the boys and I went for a walk and they even wore jackets!!!!  This is a bridge in our neighborhood and its one of my favorite picture spots.

Those are my 5 Faves this week. What are some of your faves?  Click over and join the hop and visit some of the other blogs. This is so much fun each week.



  1. That bridge is gorgeous! I wish I had one like that near me.


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