Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Fave Five Blog Hop

I'm back again linking up with Jennifer for her Friday Fave Five with Mom's Got Mail. 
Favorite jammies
I walked through Nordstrom this morning and these jammies jumped out at me. They are Hanna Anderson StarWars jammies and I really think my boys will NEED these for their Christmas jammies. ;)  A couple years ago they wore matching Star Wars jammies and with the new line I think we might need to do it again.

Favorite Book
While I was out today I also went into Barnes & Noble and saw an add for this.  We love this book in my house so I'll have to see if we are home to go.  N is tracked out so I wouldn't have to worry about getting him from school or anything. I like that its a little later in the day.

Favorite Task
So this was last night and I'm loving the layout of my house. LOL This was never something I thought of when we picked this house but it is working out well for me right now. I can give one a bath and the other can ask homework questions and I can sit in the hallway and watch them both. Perfect.

Favorite Character
I got a package from my Secret Pal this week and it had fun Goofy things in it. That is AWESOME since he is my favorite character of all the Disney characters.

Favorite music
Well I'm not going to say this is my Favorite anything but it is my boys. They are currently both obsessed with Kidz Bop and all of the songs.  Let's just say they are interesting versions of songs on the radio.  They are sung by kids for kids which N thinks is the best and getting them to sing and have fun is a Favorite thing of mine.
So those are Five of probably the most random favorites I've done so far.  LOL my brain is just all over the place today so these are what came to mind.  
Have a great weekend everyone!!!



  1. I dress my boys like twins which reminds me they need new pj's.

  2. How did you find your secret pal? I'm interested in it.

  3. I love those pajamas! My oldest daughter is very into Star Wars! Thanks for linking up!


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