Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up again today for Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

This has been one of the fastest weeks yet I think.  Before I know it N will be tracked out and his first quarter of school will be done. WOW

As I said in my Monday Musings both boys had dentist appointments Monday.  It was C's first time to go and he did great. I wasn't so sure since he is a little opinionated but he rocked it.

I'm pricing for a consignment sale coming up and WOW I didn't realize I had so much stuff still. LOL  I've already used most of my tags and I will be making a stop by tomorrow to get some more.  My hope is to sell so much of it that I feel ok donating what is left ;)

We got Ns school pictures back yesterday and I'm in love. I wish he had a little more natural smile but this is a great posed picture for N. Those are just not his thing.

Are you all still watching Big Brother?  You know I am and I'm not sure how I feel about the rewind last night. It was a fun new twist but I was kindof hoping they had rushed through everything so someone actually went home last night. I also didn't realize they were going to redo the exact same challenges. LOL but I do think its funny they are going to make Cody wear the dino costume again. hehe

Today is a day of remembrance and it is all over the TV. I got an auto-call from Ns school last night that they were going to have a moment of silence today. I'm not sure that he really understands what all went on. He has heard the basics but he is only 6 so he doesn't really understand. Do you guys have kids? What age do you think they will really get it?  I was supposed to go to WDW that weekend and we got a call the next day and the worked with us to change our plans since no one knew what was going to happen.

Another remembrance of this day to me is that 12 years ago today I was diagnosed with my first Melanoma.  I have had two melanomas so far and many other dysplastic moles or funky moles as I call them. Hmm saying this reminds me it is time to make my annual dermo appointment.

So those are my random thoughts today. What are you thinking about?



  1. I'm having a blah/huge/family is sick kind of day. We went chair shopping last night (we have no place to sit with the baby upstairs....) and I got low blood sugar from getting up & down (seriously!). and I'm just feeling crappy now too.

    1. Oh no :( Feel better soon. I know you are ready for baby to get here. I bought a rocker with N but we never used it. We ended up with a comfy chair with C and that worked out better for me but we never really spent much time upstairs anyway so I really needed something good for the family room where we hung out the most.

  2. I haven't watched Big Brother this week. But I will watch tonight! I totally love the school pictures! Ours are Monday. I need to get L a haircut.....

    When is your consignment sale? I feel so good about getting rid of all the stuff that doesn't fit WB anymore.

    1. It did publish. Woohoo!!! The sale is the 20th but drop offs start this Sunday. I'm hoping to take my clothes Sunday or Monday and then follow up with the toys on Thursday. They don't want the big stuff until then and since I'm taking the Cozy Coupe and a workbench I figure all toys go last. I'm really hoping to maybe get down to one tote of holdovers for the next sale and anything over that has to go. I've already tagged almost 100 items but they are all small sizes so they are hard to sell.

  3. OMG that published! I am so happy! I still have been having issues with it erroring out (that's my end though).


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