Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Fave Five Blog Hop

I had so much fun last week I'm linking up again this week with Friday Fave Five with Mom's Got Mail. I read it each week so I decide to hop on the blog hop this week.

Here are Five of my favorite things this week!!!!

Favorite (Uhm Not sure I need a reason ;):

Nick and Knight. WOW could they have been any better. I'm a huge NKOTB fan (showing my age shhhh) but I got a new respect for BSB when I saw them on tour with the NKOTB since I kindof missed the appeal the first time around ;)  I really wasn't expecting much of this when I first heard it but the new song is really catchy and the eye candy is great too.  I might have to get the cd so that I can here the other songs.

Favorite College Team:

NC State Wolfpack!!! Now that football has started we will spend many weekends here. This was last Saturday and it was so so so hot out there but the boys did great and we all had fun.

Favorite Girlie Food:

I'm a little obsessed with Zoes right now. I get the salad and hummus plate to go many days when the boys are in school and since C is back in preschool I was able to get it again today and WOW was it AWESOME!!!!

Favorite Book to read next:

I'm not sure how I've missed this but I knew the new book came out in Aug and I had been meaning to get it to read and somehow I just missed it.  She is one of my favorite authors and Immortals After Dark is one of my favorite series so I can't wait to dive into this.

Favorite Phone Pic of the week:

Looking at my phone pics this week and I'm loving this one. N was so excited for Boosterthon and then it was so hot and humid out there yesterday but the kids all did great and he finished all 35 of his laps.  This is his Woohoo I did it end of race pic. LOL

Those are Five of the things I am loving this week. What are you loving? Something I NEED to know about?;)  Don't forget to click over and check out Jennifer's post and hop to some other blogs to see what they are all loving this week. Have a great weekend!!!



  1. I used to love NKOTB!

  2. Awe that is so great your little man did a fun run !

  3. That is such a cute pic of your son! Games look like so much fun. I was athletic, but my daughter's aren't. I have been able to go to violin and art shows. I miss football games. Football isn't very big in our school district. Baseball, lacrosse and basketball are, though. Our college team is Syracuse, but it is an hour drive. Zoe's sounds delicious. Sometimes I treat myself to Indian food when the kids are at school. Nobody else in my house likes it. For me, Panera has the best salads in town, but it is a pain to get in and out because there are so many people there.


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