Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday again and I'm linking up for Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

  • I have no idea what I have done this week it has just been crazy. I feel like nothing has gotten done but I know a lot has. It just needs to slow down some.
  • N tracks out on Friday and will be home for 3 weeks. He is going to my moms after the football game on Sunday for a couple days but then he is here. Now to figure out what all we want to do. I'm sure we want to go to the pumpkin patch and he wants to work on his Halloween costume (I told you guys he wants to be a toilet right? LOL). Then I'm thinking maybe head to the zoo or possible the beach for a day depending on the weather.
  • I've spent the morning sorting out too small clothes from C.  I keep all of Ns for C to wear but when C is done I've been trying to clear them out.  We are working on 2T ones now and uhm N was a 2T for 2 full years plus the new stuff we had gotten for C so its a bit of a mess. LOL
and this isn't everything
  • Did you guys watch Big Brother last night? I feel like the right person won and everyone watching the show knew he should win but the jury was pretty clueless so you never know.  I also think they need to do something different with these final episodes so that they are a little more exciting. Like maybe talk to the players who weren't in jury more and ask what they were most surprised for or something.  Not sure but they are certainly pretty lackluster the last couple of years.  I am very happy that Donny won Americas Player.

  • While thinking of what we are going to do for this track out. I really need to work on what we are going to do for the next couple and when my next personal trip to Disney will be. :)  I get my fix helping others plan their trips but I NEED to go back soon. I'm really feeling it and I NEED my own fix.

  • M is participating in a Dragon Boat race this weekend and I can't wait to see what a mess this will be. LOL they practiced the other day but I think it will still be fun to watch. I just wish the first heat wasn't so early. WOW getting the boys there in time is going to be rough.
  • Have I said before we are not really morning people over here. I'm the most morning person of us all and don't even talk to me before my shower.  ;)

Oh WOW that might be one of the most random Thursday Thoughts in awhile. LOL I told you this week is just one of those weeks.  How is your week going? What are your weekend plans? Anything fun?



  1. I do like 8 loads of laundry every weekend and by Thursday everyone is crying that they have no socks and underwear! A toilet for a costume is so funny! My youngest wants to be a boring old vampire (and I couldn't be happier with a cheap and easy costume). Things have been crazy here too!

  2. morning people? omg. so i've missed TT again and it's a day later and we slept so long our daughter missed the bus.

    not morning people.

    1. Oh no but you have a good excuse for sleeping in.LOL


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