Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Musings

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Well its not morning anymore but I'm sharing anyway :)  How was everyone's weekend?  Ours was pretty good. Friday was a washout and it rained all day. So annoying. :( but Saturday was nice and M had a dragon boat race that morning so the boys and I went over for the first heat.

His crew ended up getting the 4th place overall. Not too bad for people who only really practiced once. It was a really fun activity and the first time it had been here so hoping it comes back again next year.

After that N went to the NCState game with my parents and M met them there.  C stayed home with me and E and he was so worn out that I got some snuggly time in.  I don't often get snuggles from him so I'll take it even if it made for a late night.

State didn't win but it was a pretty good game overall and I enjoyed my sister time with E and C was ok. He was unhappy that N was going to grandma's house without him but we'll be there soon enough.

Sunday was a slow day of shopping and watching football all until Once Upon a Time came on.  M was at a show so I was able to watch semi-close to actual time.

While not getting too spoilery if you are behind but I loved loved loved the premiere.  I was surprised with out my straight from the movie was in there but I think it worked well and set up some newness for the season.  I'm also loving all the little Disney touches that they put in. So great. If you watched what did you think?

After that I won't say that I spent way to much time searching the internet for this outfit for C or especially the shirt. LOL

It is Mini boden and I need a size 3 or possible a 4.  If you have it or see it let me know. You all know he loves his ketchup and I'm a little obsessed.

Since N is at my mom's C went to preschool this morning and I came home for some Disney work.:)  Happy Happy day helping people plan their vacations and I love every minute of it. Speaking of Disney if you are looking to go to Walt Disney World through the end of the year the current discount will expire on Oct 3rd so its time to get your planning done. Check out my page Jenny @ Love The Mouse Travel and send me a message.

I do have some crafty inspiration that I want to make a Fall Banner but I will have to clear off my craft area first. LOL

It kindof looks like it threw up on itself there is so much stuff on the top. It normally has stuff on it since I set lots of stuff there but this is a little much. So that is my afternoon plans if my little helper lets me otherwise tonight when M gets home to play with him.

So what are you guys up to this week? Any crafty inspiration?  I'm also really excited for the new shows that keep starting. Next week is my CW week for Supernatural, Arrow, Originals, Vampire Diaries, The Flash etc and I can't wait. So many great shows on the CW right now.

Have a great week everyone!!!

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