Saturday, September 13, 2014

POPSugar MustHave September 2014 Box Review

I told you that today was a good mail day when I got my Ipsy and my POPSugar Must Have in the mail.

I didn't realize until I went to write this that it has been almost a year since I got my last POPSugar. I love looking at the boxes each month and I get so excited I think it feels like I've been getting them too. LOL

First look. I still love when I get a box that is well put together and everything is all packed nice and neat.

The whole box!!!!  I had seen spoilers and I was excited and actually getting my hands on the items didn't make it any less.  I'm loving all the items.

Let's start with the big one this month. This gorgeous scarf from Tilo Scarfs (sugg retail $125). This is their modal gradation scarf in raisin and it really looks different in different lights. I think it looks more purplish and gray in person.  I really need to work on wearing scarfs I just don't think I've figured out the best way for me but I love this one and can't wait for it to be a bit cooler so I can try it out.

Stereo Earbuds by Nicole Miller (sugg retail $20) - Funny that these came this month as I'm not a huge earbud person but the pair I've been using are Minnie Mouse ;)  I do love those but these just seem a little more grown up and so fancy to me. LOL

Garance Dore Assorted Girls Card Set from Rifle Paper Co (sugg retail $18) - These just aren't my style at all but I love that they sent cards as I do love sending cards.  I will either pass these along or send them to my girlfriends for a little just because card.

Gold Foil Arrow Pencils from Letter C Design (sugg retail $5) - I would have rather had a nice pen to go with my notecards but pencils are always usable and N has already asked about these and I'm sure they will make it into his pencil stash. 

Almond Brownie from Urban Remedy (sugg retail $6) - These are made with 100% organic, quality ingredients and is partnered by Cindy Crawford (who knew?)  I'm not an almond person so I'll let M have this one.  He's working the Farm Aid concert today or I'm sure it would have already been gone.

They also sent a $10 gift card so I will check out what other items they have at Urban Remedy too.  I'm always excited to find a new store ;)

Superfine Purse Size Hair Spray from Oribe (sugg retail $21.50) - I'm a hairspray user even with my straight hair. I use it a little on my bangs everyday. I don't normally keep any in my purse but I love this size for when I'm traveling. It is so much easier then taking a big bottle in my bag,

And a couple special extras this month:
Milk chocolate Sea Salt and Almond from Ghirardelli (sugg retail $8.99) - Another Almond thing which I'm thinking was a theme this month. LOL  I'll send these with M too. He will love them and I always love Ghirardelli so I'm sure these are awesome.

$20 Nike Gift Card - This is awesome I need to see what all it can be used for but it also says that it comes with Free Shipping so that is a major plus. I can't wait to maybe find something for N since its all he wears or maybe grab a goodie for me (of course then I might feel like I need to work out ;)). LOL

So what do you think? I'm loving this months box and so glad that I opted to get one.  POPSugar boxes are $39.95 a month so you can see the value is there with all they sent this month.  I'm very happy. Right now the POPSugar site is down for maintenance and says it will be back open on the 16th with a new design and new boxes.  I can't wait to see what new options they have for us when they come back up.

Happy POPping everyone!!


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