Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday again and I'm linking up for Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

  • I've been spending the last couple of days tagging for a consignment sale this weekend.  I have so much stuff that I'm hoping will go. I dropped of a couple overflowing totes of clothes yesterday and I'll be back again today with more totes and some bigger toys.
Starting the size sorting
  • What is everyone's homework routine for a 1st grader? He doesn't have much but no matter when we try and do it he fights us on it. He has to read 20min each day and that he doesn't mind but he has to do a reading response and a math sheet each week and he just doesn't want to do them no matter when we try. We've tried when he first comes home and then letting him play a little and then doing it and also doing it before  bed but it just is a battle no matter when we try. What is everyone else doing?
  • I've gotten to wear jeans a couple days this week and it has me so exited. Back in shorts for the rest of the week but the fall is coming to NC and I even noticed a couple of leaves starting to fall from my trees.
  • Fall TV starts in earnest next week.  Did you see my chart? I need to spend the weekend setting the Tivo to get all the shows.
  • Don't forget to jump over to my Jenny @ Love the Mouse Travel Facebook Page and enter to win my Frozen Prize Pack Giveaway.  C has the movie going all the time on his Ipad so pretty sure I can recite the whole thing in my sleep :)

  • Closing off with a very random but who else uses blogger? Did you notice that the picture loading interface has been updated?  I kindof like it so far but I'll have to see as I really use it more. I did close it a couple times thinking it just hadn't loaded correctly before I noticed it was just updated. LOL What can I say its been a long couple of days. ;)
So what are you all doing today? How has your week been going?
Happy Thursday!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Cooler weather!!!! BRING IT!!! I have been dying on the soccer field!
    As far as homework, good luck. Some do it with no problems, some fight.


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