Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Fave Five Blog Hop

I'm really loving this blog hop so I'm linking up again Friday Fave Five with Mom's Got Mail. I read it each week so why not :)

Here are Five of my favorite things this week!!!!

I love my Jenny Jugs mug!!! My girlfriends and I went on a girls cruise last April and I had mugs made for each of us. We had adult drinks in them then ;) but the other night I made a coke slushee and had that in there. It was AWESOME.

I'm loving Ns school picture. I know I shared this already but I seriously love it. I'm so happy that his school does some nice pictures.

Fresh produce. I get produce delivered to my house each week and all meals just taste better with some fresh stuff in there.  This was my start to a batch of chili this week. I mean the high was only going to be 80°F and it was dreary so in NC that is cold enough for chili. LOL

I was beyond excited when this showed up in my mail yesterday. Yes I still get a paper magazine in the mail and it comes almost every week.  This preview is my goto for the fall tv season and what I use to make my Fall TV viewing chart that I posted about earlier today.

Now this is Fall weather in the south.  Except for the rain chanced I'll take 70°s anyday of the week. I love love love jeans and t-shirt weather and it looks like its coming fast. I know that we are still probably going to have some hot days this year but for it to only be mid September and we are already seeing 70s I'm so so so so happy.

So those are my random 5 fave things right now.  Are you linking up to the hop? Let me know so I can swing by.

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Our weather is only going to be in the 60's this week. I know it's the end of summer, but it seems like it's coming too fast!

  2. Weather in my part, is around 60, it's fall already :(

  3. Replies
    1. I got this one from you and one that says you love my son's picture. Is there another one?

  4. Oh my goodness, the lows are going to be in the 30's here tonight! You said you get produce delivered, is that a CSA?

    1. Oh I can't deal with the 30s yet. LOL The weather this week has been awesome and it will be low 80s this weekend but low humidity so that is perfect. My produce isn't really a CSA we have a delivery company called The Produce Box that pulls from multiple farms but they are all from NC and right over our border so very local. They have multiple box options a week so we pick on a Friday and its delivered the next week. I've been getting it a couple years and love it. We've tried some different things and it is so fresh. N told me yesterday he didn't like the apples from the grocery store they aren't as good as the ones from the box. The box ones are so good. LOL I guess I need to take him apple picking when he tracks out.


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