Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Morning Musings

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It is a nasty rainy day here in NC and it has changed up our plans for the day but I'll get to that in a bit. Let's start with the weekend catch up. :)

This was a crazy busy weekend kindof. Friday started with both boys heading to school but since it is still so early in the year for them I had a ton of errands to run so I spent my whole alone time out and about. :) Then N had early release so he was home early to start the pestering of the boys. They are getting really good at that. LOL

Saturday started with the boys going to the Home Depot Kids Workshop to build bird houses with M. They had a blast.
Home Depot fun!!!

Once they got home M ran a couple errands and then I left to go scrapping with my girls. It was perfect for me while he and the boys went to the pool and then he and N went to the NCState football game.

Sunday was a little more laid back but M had a meeting so the boys and I were home alone for a bit before the girls next door came over to play. That is their favorite thing to do ever.We did have one causality why they were here. LOL This is what happens when I let the boys play with the baby dolls.  Not sure I can fix this. Anyone have any ideas? I might just need to buy a new one. My boys like to play family so we need a baby.
Poor baby :(

Then my favorite part of yesterday was making a yummy yummy dinner with my fresh produce.  OMG it was so simple but oh so good.

Love the Produce Box goodies

Ok I'm changing that statement. M went out for a run after the boys went up to bed so instead of watching football I switched over to watch last weeks Wahlburgers and uhm Donnie was in a towel.  Holy Cow I had to snap a pic. ;)

Do I really need a caption for this one ;)

That just capped my night and after that I was done and up to bed for me. LOL

This morning has already started out busy. N had a dentist appointment this morning and I take C to his first appointment this afternoon.  I told them they had the easy one with N this morning as I think C will give them more issues this afternoon but maybe he will surprise me and be great.

One down and one to go. Dentist day today

N was supposed to start Run Club this afternoon but with all the rain it is cancelled for today and they will try again next week so that required some transportation changes late this morning but we got it all figured out and notes sent to who all needed them. He was ok with it but he is really looking forward to running.

The rest of the week looks pretty basic here. Just school for the boys and I need to price things for the Consignment Sale I'm selling things at this week. Things get dropped off next week for the sale that weekend and I need to get on the ball with the tagging.  I've been staking things up but I need to sort out and tag.

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My Paper Pumpkin special thru Sept 10th.

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Thank you Katherine for the great image.

So that is what my weekend looked like and my week is starting to shape up to be.  How is your week looking? Randomly as I'm sitting here I'm wondering if on the dreary day with a bit of a chill in the air if its too early to turn on the fireplace?  LOL I love the fire with a cup of hot cider. Oh I'm ready for fall days.

Have a great week!!!

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  1. So jealous of Run Club! I wish they did that up here. They do Girls on the Run, but nothing for boys!


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