Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Citrus Lane Mystery Box Goodbyn Hero 3+

Woohoo I got home from carpool today and there was a Citrus Lane box sitting on my porch. :)

A couple weeks ago they came out with a Mystery Box for $29 plus shipping and when I saw they had an option for a 3+ box I jumped on it. Citrus Lane will post the boxes and give an age range and also let you know one item that will be in the box. The rest is a surprise but you will get a $60 value.  As you will see when I break down the items I NEEDED the told item so I jumped on this deal.

First look and while I knew what was in here since I peaked at other peoples boxes I was still excited.

An onto the goodies:
  • Goodbyn Hero ($12.99) - we got one of these in out May Citrus Lane box and N takes it everyday so I was excited when this was the known item in these boxes. We really NEED it so that for the days we don't run the dishwasher I'm not hand washing just to make him lunch. LOL
  • Creativity for Kids Travel Doodle & Do ($12.00) - We've gotten a couple of these from Citrus Lane already but not this particular one I don't think so this is good. My boys are all into art right now and we are going through supplies pretty fast so I'll keep this as a refill when we need something new.
  • Crocodile Creek Watch ($14.99) - We got this same watch back in our May Citrus Lane box so this one will go in the trade or gift pile. C loves it we just don't need another of the same one.
  • Hello books from Hello Hanna ($9.95) -  We got a different one of these in our March Citrus Lane boxes and haven't used it yet. I see it sitting there but haven't pulled it out. I'm thinking probably during track out for N since he is really into making up stories and writing books. So maybe while C is at preschool or now that I have two they could both do one.
  • Parachute Fliers from Creativity for Kids ($8.00) -  hmm I thought we had gotten these before but it doesn't look like it and I know the boys will love them. I'm stashing these for Christmas and they will make a great little extra gift.
  • Bumkins Mickey WetBag ($11.00) - Well if the Goodbyn didn't make the box for me the Mickey bag certainly does.  This was our selected item from our June Citrus Lane box but I opted for the classic Mickey in that one so I was happy to get the blue icon one. I've since ordered the sandwich and snacksize but I only have the one large one so this is great!!!
  • Bops Chips ($1) - Uhm they are chips so what is not to love.  I've already set these aside for me tomorrow ;)
So all in all I came up with a value of $69.93 so the value is there and I'm very happy with this one. I know going in there there could be some repeats since we do get the monthly boxes but I can usually either trade or hold onto the items as a gift for someone as we go along. This box was no exception. I'm glad they did one for the 3+ age group as often they have boxes for younger kids.  I would love for them to even do a 4+ box sometime.

What do you think? Did you get a Citrus Lane mystery box this time? Which one did you get? What was in it?


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