Monday, July 22, 2013

Citrus Lane July 2013 Review

Very excited that our Citrus Lane box came late last week.   Citrus Lane is a box that sends items for your kids each month for $25. If you use my link you will get $10 off your first box and I will get a $10 credit into my account. :)  I get this box for C each month and I have him aged up so that we have goodies to move into. This month he got the 33 month old boy box.

 First look in the box and this box was pretty heavy this month which I always like.  Oh and if you are getting gifts from me you  might recognize this tissue paper ;)  I have been reusing as much of my packages as possible and this is so bright and cheery I love it.
 So peeled away the tissue and got a first look at the contents.  I had of course peaked at the spoilers but I am still excited to get ours each month and lay my hands on them.

This month didn't disappoint. Citrus Lane doesn't have themes every month anymore but I would say this is a back to school kindof box.  C will be starting preschool this fall and N is starting kindergarten so these items will really get some use.  And now onto the goodies:

  • Bynto by Goodbyn - This is a great three section bento box.  N has been taking another box that we had gotten from them last fall for lunch bunch at his preschool so I know we will use this one this year too.  I'm thinking that I might need to get some more of these so that both boys can have one.
  • Dishwasher-safe Sticker Set from Goodbyn - we didn't get the stickers the last time so I'm excited for these.  I'm thinking we will pull both boxes out and let them go to town.
  • Cool It Buddy Instant Cold Packs by Me4Kidz - I've actually never used one of these and at first I thought it was something to keep in the freezer but nope this is an instant pack that I can take wherever we go. I'm tossing this in our car bag so that we have ice on the road in case we get a booboo while playing and face it I have two very monkey like boys so that is sure to happen :)
  • Lace & Trace from Melissa and Doug - I love this activity and we actually have it at my mom's house already. N thinks its great and I'm sure C will grow into it too. I'm going to stash this one away for him in a couple months when we need some fun activity to do.
  • Mighty Shield Bug Repellent from Episencial - I am the bug magnet in my family.  They find me and munch away so I'm very excited to try this out.  I do love Episencial products that I've gotten samples of before so this is already by my back door waiting for me to head outside to play.
  • Also included was a certificate for some Postagrams from Sincerely,Inc for 10 free postcards.  I think we've gotten these before and I didn't use them so I'm going to make a point to use these this time.
So all in all a great month.  Did you get a Citrus Lane box this month? What was in your box?


disclaimer: You've got it that is my link up there and as I said we both get something if you order through it. 

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