Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Letters

Time for Friday Letters.

Dear boy who plays Sam on Mistresses (Erik Stocklin) - You look so much like Andrew McCarthy from back in the day that its unnerving. Why can I not see how you are related.  You must be.
Hmm Erik I know what you will look like when you grow up. Not too shabby. :)

Dear N and C - I really don't mind taking you to the pool in the mornings however you must eat something before we go. I know you're excited but food before swimming for a couple hours is a necessity. You just can't make it until lunch and we get home.

Dear C - In the same vein as above if two hours at the pool means you will take a two hour nap them we may be going to the pool more often. Even when N starts school in a couple weeks ;)

Dear Oven - I was unhappy when you broke and now I'm unhappy waiting for you to get fixed and get back to me.  I still think all meals I want to make sound like they need to be baked.

Dear Scrapbooking Companies - I know you are going to CHA but putting all these teasers on FB just makes me want the products now.  You all have some cute cute cute stuff coming out this fall.

Dear Blog Readers - Thank you so much for those that have clicked over and liked my Jenny @ Love the Mouse Facebook page. And thank you for sharing and liking my posts.  I love helping people plan Disney vacations and any other vacation they might want to take.  Any questions just send me a message I can talk travel all day long. ;)



  1. And you are the best travel agent ever' :)

  2. I found your blog because my husband and I are watching Haters Back Off and we could swear that Erik Stocklin is Andrew McCarthy's son. But the Internet has failed to prove us correct. Even their voices are the same!

  3. Omg exactly what I thought. His mannerisms, the faces he makes when he widens those gorgeous eyes!There's a certain facial expression Andrew McCarthy had in Pretty in Pink and (Erik) Patrick made the same exact face when he opened up the picture frame with the snails on it. LMFAO I don't think it's his son but that would be awesome.


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