Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Photo Dump

Friday again and time for a link up with Jenn over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  Not sure why but I didn't take many photos this week. Being just C and me we just hung out and relaxed more.

Have I told you before that I love Thursdays? That is the day my produce delivery comes and it is a highlight in my week.
I'm currently obsessed with nailpolish and I don't really like naked nails. After I took my Fireworks glitter polish off from the 4th I decided to try my new Sea Salt finish polish. This is Tracy from Julep and it came in the box I selected this month. I had used the Sea Salt finish before and liked it but didn't love however I had used a glossy top coat and I was told to try a matte.  What can I say I'm loving it with the matte top coat. You still get all the great texture and today makes a week and it still looks good.  Gotta love that!!!

The other day C finally fell asleep for his nap and when I looked on the monitor I couldn't see him. I had to go up and check and then I had to take a picture.  It reminded me of ET when  he's in with all the stuffed animals. LOL  I love sleeping babies. ;)

Here is my classic C.  He is all about getting himself dressed lately and this was his outfit the other day. A onesie that I really need to clean out of his closet with shorts that don't really match and of course his crocs. His crocs never match he will search the house to find these in this exact set.

So that was my week. How was yours? Are you linking up today?


PS:  Some people have asked and I use My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up to make my collages. You can get a free 30 day trial from my store if you want to try it out. Just go here and check it out.

disclaimer: There are a couple affiliate links up there. ;)


  1. Love that Sea Salt polish! Julep is so addicting!

  2. I love the mismatched crocs.....Jesse will do this in a heartbeat....still!!!! He just doesn't care!!!


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