Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up for Thursday Thoughts with Jenn:

  • I think blogs need some kind of Like button. When I read a post I feel like I should say something to let them know I enjoyed it so I end up commenting on lots of blogs but if there was a Like button like on FB I could just click that as a way to say Good job and way to go.
  • Slowly been cleaning up my craft room.  Its not the easiest thing to do with my little helpers.  Wondering on a good way to get them to help without being too helpful. Any thoughts?
  • With Comic Con this weekend it means the fall season is upon us.  I need to get working on my TV chart so I know what kind of conflicts I'm going to have.  I love seeing all the new commercials and trying to decide if they will be good or not.  I guess I might have to wait until my EW issue comes with all the good tv info in it.
  • Just started back in with Once Upon a Time. I really like that show but it is a we show so getting M and I together to watch takes some work. For some reason both boys went up towards bed about 7 last night and we watched a couple episodes. I think we have like 8 more to go. Does anyone else watch?  Thoughts?  Are you going to try Once Upon a Time in Wonderland in the fall? I think its timing isn't going to work for me but I'll have to see when I make my chart.
  • Still trying to decide on a trip for Ns track out in Jan.  Cruise or Disney, Cruise or Disney, the decision is hard to make and N has a different opinion on any given day. I have friends thinking Disney so maybe I should join them. I think it would be fun to be there and run into people. We ran into our neighbors one day on our last trip and that was so fun.
  • OK people I understand why you picked Elissa the first week for MVP and yes I even get the second week but the third week? Really?  I'm wanting someone who will really cause a stir in the house. I think it would really be great if America voted for the person they thought was going to get kicked out as MVP. That will make for some more interesting viewing and I'm sure that's what CBS was hoping for.
So how is that for my randomness for today.  A little tv heavy this week but still all over there.  What are you thinking about this week? Any thoughts?



  1. Anyone who has the social media buttons like google plus one or like on FB that's like a like button!

    1. I've never thought of that but you are right. I see the buttons there but I have never really used them. I'm going to have to check them out.

  2. I agree 100% about Elissa as MVP!! So lame. They hardly even show her "playing" the game. Give it to Amanda or McCrae please! I hope Amanda wins HOH tonight :)

    1. I've not been watching the feeds but they don't show anything on the tv really. I've been recording BBAD but haven't caught up yet. I'm hoping that we get a different MVP next week and a fun HOH. Looks like we will know HOH at end of the episode tonight.

  3. Do cruise AND Disney!! Why don't you start a FB page? And have we ever seen your craft room? Because I'd love some pictures of it!


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