Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Morning Musings

Another weekend has come and gone and we are onto Monday again. I hope you all had a great weekend.  Mine was so much fun I got to scrap with my friends on Saturday and we went out for a little shopping fun on Sunday before spending the afternoon at home with my boys.

We had planned to eat at the food court at the mall today but when we walked in we saw a new restaurant that has a brunch and had bottomless mimosas. Yeap you guessed it I had to have a couple ;)
The restaurant was Tomato Pie and we will be going back. M got to have some waffles, the boys some delicious pizza and I had a portobella bruschetta panini. It was awesome!!!  Of course the whole reason we went to Crabtree today was so that I could go to the Disney Store and we only walked out with a small bag ;)

Since we hadn't planned to sit down and eat I hadn't brought alot for the boys to do. they love taking pictures and when they have your phone you get pictures like this.

Lets see what's on the bill for this week? Nothing really just hanging with my boys and we go to Ns school on Thursday to finish up his pre-school paperwork. His staggered entry day is next week and then I will officially have a Kindergartner. I'm so not sure how that could have happened.  WOW!!!

I'm not waiting for any boxes until next month so I'm in my dry spell. :( I did get my Citrus Lane last week and will be posting it soon. I hope to have some scrappy posts this week too.  I've been getting my mojo on and I need to start sharing it with everyone.

What are you up to this week? I hope whatever it is you have a great one!!!


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