Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up for Thursday Thoughts with Jenn:

  • Just got a free trial of Netflix to try out and all the things I want to watch aren't available. Grr so annoying.
  • Still trying to decide what to send N in for his first day or school. He really has two first days since next Wed he goes for his evaluation day and then the following Monday is his actual teacher and class. I think he needs two outfits ;)
  • Its amazing how excited I get when I get mail. I really  need to start sending out more cards. I do make them so I need to actually mail them.
  • So we picked up the toys yesterday for the bug man to come. I wonder if we kept them picked up if we would have had to call the bug man out.  Stupid annoying ants. 
  • Today is meet the teacher day at Ns school. He won't get to meet his actual teacher but we get to take them in to see a classroom and tour the school and stuff. At first they had said don't bring the kids and just come and do paperwork and now they say bring them. If we didn't take them today then N would have never been in a school before in his life.
  • N is really excited to start school.  I'm wondering how many years this will last. I also don't think he understands that he will not see the neighbor kids all day and that it is all day.  I think he thinks its like preschool which he loved and he'll be home after lunch.
  • My mom and stepdad at Niagara Falls for a little vacation. M and I went there as part of our honeymoon road trip so I'm thinking we need to take the boys back there at some point.  N will think it is really cool. Maybe wait a year or so so that C will like it too. 
So those are my random thoughts for the day.  What are you thinking about?


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  1. I hope your son has a good first day at school! My older son started kindergarten last year, our district is all-day too, so it was quite an adjustment for him. But he ended up loving it, and I hope N does too!

    (dropping by from the Thursday Thoughts Linkup!)


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