Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Phone Dump

Friday again and time for the Friday phone dump  with Jenn over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

I apologize now for those that have already seen these. I posted most on FB already this week and since I haven't really taken many photos I'm sharing again.  Also we're heading back to the pool this morning so no fancy collages. Sorry guys hopefully I'm back up and running next week.

 I asked N to help me model his new clothes from the Sweet Pea Box and this is what I got. Still not sure what he was doing with his finger.
 I came down Monday and C was sitting on Ms lap watching some tv.  I know M had to go to work but he was enjoying some lap time with our non-cuddling little boy.
So we are a little slack and never switched out our Topsy Turvy and with the crazy weather lately our strawberries are blowing again. Strawberry season has been over here for over a month so this was not expected. N is loving it though and we get about one strawberry he can eat each day. LOL

So that was it. Expect for pictures for my box reviews that all I've taken. Did you take more pictures this week?


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