Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hautelook Summer Beauty Bag

My Hautelook Summer Beauty Bag came today and I couldn't wait to dig through it. Of course as things go I had a million things to do first so I'm just now looking at everything.  This was my first time ordering from  Hautelook and I can tell already that it can be addicting. They have different sales each day and it looks like they offer these bags every couple of months.  I will probably be getting another one to compare with this one when they come up for sale.

First look:
 The bag is a decent size and I will add it to my collection. I like that this is see through so that whatever I put in there it will be easily identified. :)  Hmm I just had a thought that this one might make it into my scrapping bag. I can see putting goodies in here for when I head out with the girls.

Now onto the contents:

For some reason this picture will not rotate so you will have to look at it this way.
  • Urban Decay Lip Pencil in Naked - I like a good lip pencil for when I know I'm going to be out for awhile. I usually use it all over my lips and then gloss on top of it. I like this color as its not too bright and I can wear it alot of places.
  • NYX Lipstick in Vitamin - another good shade and a little sparkly.  I don't wear lipstick everyday so I'm always up for some sparkle.
  • Mirenesse Lip Bomb in color #27 - uhm WOW is all I can say for this. It is a neon shade and not one that I think I can pull off.  I've also gotten this brand before and it looks like a gloss but its pretty thick more like a lipstick if you ask me.

  • Miracle 10 AHA Cream - This says it rejuvenates skin with its rich, emollient cream to exfoliate dull skin.  Sounds interesting and I'll give it a try.
  • L'Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream - Can you really have too many hand creams? I think not. I don't use them as much in the summer but in the dry winter I'm all over them.
  • Whish Orange Cream body butter - I've had the blueberry shave gel from this company before and it was amazing so I have high hopes for this one.

  • Lorac Special Effects Mascara in Black - this has a primer on one side and the mascara on the other. I'm just entering the realm of primers for all my makeup so this looks fun.
  • Lashfood Nano-peptide Natural EyeLASH Conditioner - I've never thought about feeding and strengthening my lashes so curious to see how this works. I have pretty dark and thick lashes now so not sure what this will do but I'm game to try.

  • Diptyque eau de toilette - first thought is that this is a little strong but its hard to tell how it will smell on without trying. I don't wear perfume alot since M always sneezes but I will add this to the rotation when I do.
  • TanTowel - Another item I've never tried but it sounds good to me. I don't tan outside since I've had two rounds of melanoma so if I want a little color it has to be artificial. I can't wait to try this on my legs to knock down the glare some ;)
  • BlowPro - I love love love when I get hairspray samples. I use a bit of spray everyday on my bangs and I love these small sizes for when I travel. This will go right in the travel bag.

  • L. Erickson Grab in Go Pony Compact - This is the cutest holder every. It really is like a small compact and pops open with 3 twisties in it.  So cute and I will toss this in my purse maybe it will help me locate a band when I need one.
  • Crown Brush travel brush set - I really need to clean out my brushes so these came at a good time.  With all the new goodies I keep getting in the boxes I'm going through some brushes.
So that's what was in my bag. The bag itself was $20 and then there was shipping on top of that.  There are alot of new to me items in there and I'm anxious to dig in and get to trying them out.  Are you interested in  Hautelook ?  Go over and take a look and then you will be ready when the next bag comes out.


disclaimer: you guessed it my affiliate link is up there. If you go through my link and order something from them I will get some credits. :)

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  1. Your lip gloss color is WAY bright!!! I got just a sparkle which I LOVE!!!! Overall fun bag!!!!


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